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Most people, though not everybody, tend to believe that Giovanni Lombardo Radice and John Morghen  are the same person. Being quite intimate with both gentlemen, I can testify that this is only partly true. They indeed were the same person in childhood days, in the body of a blond little angel who wouldn't have imagined being an actor-director-screenwriter-translator (only slightly betraying the aristo-intellectual family routine), let alone having his pretty head drilled on a screen.
It was in teenage years that Giovanni and Johnny began splitting apart in a quite complicate biodynamic process that produced severe physical consequences but fortunately not a single pimple.
Giovanni started a multi fields career in "official" show business, with theatre as his main passion, and Johnny…
Well, Johnny had a pretty rough time (and a lot more fun!), not even dreaming about becoming "public property", till Ruggero Deodato somehow reconnected him with his lost twin Giovanni, opening for him the bleeding doors of…